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Welcome to the Biblical Care Page. Listed below are teaching podcasts and other resources to equip you for Biblical care.

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A Message on Mental Illness by Crystal Hooper

Biblical Approach

Lesson 1 – The Role Of The Holy Spirit

Lesson 2 – The Three Parts Of Me

Lesson 3 – Soul Issues

Lesson 4 – The Process Of Sanctification

Lesson 5 – What Does Scripture Say About Addictions

Ministry Basics

Lesson 6 – Prelude To Good Care

Lesson 7 – Creating Goals

Lesson 8 – Care Toolbox

Lesson 9 – The Building Blocks Of Care

Lesson 10 – Importance Of Referrals

Lesson 11 – How To End Well

Lesson 12 – The Do’s Of Care Ministry

Lesson 13 – The Don’ts Of Care Ministry

Feelings And Emotions

Lesson 14 – Cognitive Triangle

Lesson 15 – Dealing With Anger

Lesson 16 – Managing Emotions

Lesson 17 – Normality Of Feelings And Emotions

Lesson 18 – The Stigma Of Showing Emotions

Understanding The Individual

Lesson 19 – Discovering Your Self-worth

Lesson 20 – Maintaining A Healthy Balance

Your Role

Lesson 21 – The Role Of A Care Team Member

Lesson 22 – Active Listening

Lesson 23 – Maintaining Self-control In Ministry

Lesson 24 – Using Your Story As A Tool


Lesson 25 – What Is DISC?

Lesson 26 – How Does DISC Work?

Lesson 27 – Can DISC Styles Change?

Lesson 28 – What DISC Tell Us About Us?

Lesson 29 – What Would I Learn About Myself?

Lesson 30 – D Personality Style

Lesson 31 – I Personality Style

Lesson 32 – S Personality Style

Lesson 33 – C personality Style

Lesson 34 – How Styles Work Together